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Diva Salon is a well established, well known Hairdressers In Fallowfield, at Diva Salon our aim is to provide quality Hairdressers In Fallowfield in Fallowfield as well as Hair Stylist Fallowfield, Hairdressers In Fallowfield and Ladies Hairdresses Fallowfield.

We are situated in Fallowfield. We can provide quality Hairdressers In Fallowfield across Fallowfield and many of the surrounding areas.

For a trusted Hairdressers In in Fallowfield look no further and call us on: 01614342222

Situated for over 20 years in the vibrant district of Withington, Manchester, Diva offers a full range of professional hair treatments at competitive prices. A popular place for students, and people young and old, male and female. Recharge your batteries, you know you deserve it; treat yourself to a new you from expert hair cutting to relaxing beauty treatments. Make an appointment today. Diva; a place to relax, unwind and feel great about yourself.

Diva Salon specialise in the following areas:

  • Hair Stylist Fallowfield
  • Hairdressers Fallowfield
  • Unisex Hair Dresses Fallowfield
  • Student Discount Hair Cuts Fallowfield
  • Barbers Fallowfield
  • Gent Hairdressers Fallowfield
  • Ladies Hairdresses Fallowfield
  • HairDresses In Fallowfield

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact Diva Salon via telephone – 01614342222 or via Email:

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